Teenagers running away from home because their parents won’t let them be with their boyfriend/girlfriend or do some reckless thing they want to do…look at your priorities, man. This is the generation American society is breeding: a bunch of ungrateful, uneducated, unbecoming liabilities.

Perfectly describes someone I know very closely, except he stays home like a parasite, which I think is equally as bad.

Hello friends, it’s already the middle of August. Time flew! Work life has been awesome. Our huge laser cutting machine came in and I expect to be exploiting it to make fun and quirky shit in the near future. My senior said that I must design and laser cut a badge that says “APPROVED” with his supervision before I’m allowed to use it alone. Sounds good to me LOL. There may be a few all nighters coming up next week so if you follow me on Instagram, be prepared to see dem zombie selfies again. All nighters don’t just exist in school. However, I’m not complaining about them this time.